Budding Poet

The 2017/18 Hong Kong Budding Poet (English) Award

Poet of the School

Lee Sai Ho Cedric (5A)

Title:My Dream House

Welcome to my dream house!
This is my butler, Mr Mouse.
He dislikes my maid Hello Kitty.
Cat and Mouse, what a pity!

This is my cyber living room.
There's a 4D TV and a magic broom.
The broom moves around itself.
It works perfectly well like an elf.

Come and see my high-tech bedroom.
It's like a VR and AR show room.
Numerous simulation games I can play,
At any time, anywhere and on any day.

Look! My favourite washroom is so cool.
There is no tub but a gigantic pool.
Taking a bath and playing on water slide.
Only when my skin wrinkles, I'll go outside.